'7 Ways to Live a More Meaningful Life'

  • Tips & Recommendations: To Bring you a more meaningful life
  • Thought Provoking Ideas: It can be a real struggle to balance financial needs with our hopes for our life. Very often our hopes to live a life that feels like it matters can seem totally out of our grasp
  • Create the Life You Deserve: This free e-book has gathered together 7 proven strategies to creating a life brimming with meaning no matter what you do in life. 

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About Susannah:

Susannah Healy is a Psychologist, Professional Speaker, Management Consultant and Trainer, Life Coach and Mindfulness Meditation teacher in Ireland and the UK. She is also author of "The Seven Day Soul" & “Fabulous Jelly: Use Your Brain To Lose Weight” (Mercier Press). 

Over the years Susannah has helped hundreds of people and companies to clarify their goals and to initiate and achieve change in beliefs Her passion is to help people to find meaning in their lives through learning, insight, personal change and engaging with the world.

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